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Friday, October 30, 2009

Stop the Insanity!

Well, it's that time again during the Top Model, when the hamsters are forced to prove they can't act, memorize a script or speak in public. WHY? The best models are seen and not heard.

And overly blonde Erin is still bitching that my homie Nicole won best photo last week. Suck it up, ya spaz!

For the challenge, the chicks had to interview the latest nymphette from the newly revamped (and totally sucky!) TV show 90210. Heh, remember when Jason Priestly was on SNL about 15 years ago? Ah, the parodies! Anyways... Oh, no! What happened? The tele-prompter conked out on the chicks a few minutes into the interview. And the chicks were forced to improv questions to the slutty actress. Ha! Nicole asked the whore if she had ever been knocked up. Nice! Snot faced Erin won. Blechy.

So instead of having a photo shoot, the hamsters had to write their own lines for 30 second Cover Girl spot. Curses, we have no Tivo! It was every bit horrendous as you can imagine. Winning commericial went to Lazy Eye Jennifer. 'cause she bubbles. Well, she makes me gassy. So, brava, Jennifer, brava. And packing it in is Rae, because she's boring. Huh? Why do they always eliminate the pretty ones 1st?

Next week: the chicks are a-travelin'!

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