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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crouching Model, Hidden Bitchface

Things have gotten higgeldy piggeldy this week. I did not post on Wednesday 'cause I was too busy having the time of my life. And I'm 2 weeks behind on viewing Top Chef. No spoilers please!!

On w/ the Top Model recap!

Kara, whom I think looks like a dude, was trash talking my weirdo and fellow red headed sister, Nicole. Kara, Nicole is more attractive than you and you suck. So there!

The chicks were divided into pairs and had to drive around the greater Los Angeles area for go-sees and a casting call. Rae, the under aged mom, drives likes a 70 y/o grandpa. Hi-larity ensued and some of the chicks were disqualified for being late getting back to the designated meeting area. And the big wiener was my bitch Nicole!!!!! In ya' manly lookin' face, Kara! Nicole won a rack of clothes from all the designers she goed and seed. And back at the house of hamsters, Kara and her lackey complain loudly that the Nicole win was not deserved. Gee, sour grapes much?

For the photo shoot, the hamsters were put into harnesses and given martial arts weapons. Lots of complaining about raw chaffed lady bits. Y-IPES! And the winning photo of the week went to Nicole. Yeah, she looked totally bad ass w/ her samurai sword. And getting kicked to the curb this week was Kara. Revenge is dish best served cold!!! MUAHAHAHAHA! You see, Kara, when you act like a butthole, you get it back twofold.

Next week: stupid ass Cover Girl commercial.

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