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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's a Wrap

I really prefer to use "n'" instead of "and", sometimes ampersand is good, but my preference really lays w/ "n'".

Wed Top Model recap, wenches!

For the dumb ass challenge, the hamsters went to Mall Wart and met up w/ hottie judge and photog and former model Nigel Barker and his semi-attractive wife Crissy. The chicks have to get through a timed race/obstacle course/musical chairs type thing. They had to run from station to station to create the perfect model look. The wiener gets an on-line Cover Girl ad on and $1000 Mall Wart gift card. This reminds of an old co-worker that was completely out of touch w/ anything modern. Every year for X-mas he would buy his nephews (aged 10 & 12) 25 dollar gift cards to Mall Wart. C'mon, dumbass, no kid wants that when there's a fucking Best Buy across the street! This was the same guy that used to complain about gas prices and he lived 5 minutes from work and never really went anywhere. But I digress. Mall Wart sucks! OK, I'm done now. I promise. So Erin, one of the uber blonde hamsters, decided she wanted to play dirty and whilst running down an aisle grabbed the arm of one of the other hamsters and pulled her back so she could run faster to the next station. Seriously? For a lame on-line ad? Then at the last station, Erin threw a different hamster's photo on the ground. Erin, you suck. But God had the last laugh as Erin, Sundai and Bianca end up in the final 3. And the winner is..... not Erin but Sundai! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

For the photo challenge, Tyra(nt) pretended to be a photographer. She had the hamsters pose in beauty shots w/ head scarfs. I think they all looked really stupid. Nobody can make that look work! Maybe Erika Badu. But she's a special lady!!! So Tyra(nt) and Mr. Fake Tan Jay picked the winning photo right away. Hmm. I think they'd do better to always do that. Best photo went to Brittany. She's a snobby bitch. Plus her photo had the scarf shielding her face. What? And getting das boot is Bianca. Cause she has dead eyes.

2 recaps next week, peeps! Watch out!


Chapter Two said...

saw you around comment boxes - had to come snooping around - say hi! so *hi

phairhead said...

hiya :D