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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cirque Du Puree

Yes, yes! Top Model time!

And let the parade of humiliation begin! The hamsters had to perform their own choreographed dance to convey 3 distinct emotions: happiness, sadness and anger, in groups of 3. It took me hours to regain my sensibilities. Did I mention these dances were in public? Oy ve!

And keeping on w/ the group theme, the hamsters had to pose on "trapeze" w/ cirque du soliel chicks in groups of 3. And getting das boot is Ashley for not be able to do jack shit when posing.

8 bitches remain!


Nitin said...

sounds ridiculously hilarious. were they wearing tiny pink skirts? cause that would had made it more funny?? hehe.. nice spot.. will visit.. have fun with those 8 remaining bitches.. hehe..

phairhead said...

nope big ass hair and couture dresses

thanks for stopping by!! :D

Albany Jane said...

Well crap, I this was the exact outfit I was gonna wear to your bday next week, but now I'd feel gauche.

phairhead said...

aj: aw nuts : (