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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boy vs. Girl

Top Chef recap time!

There was no Quickfire Challenge this week as we've reached that time in the show for....Restaurant Wars! And guys versus gals. Naturally, Ed thinks he has a better team and the ladies think Beverly is a life suck.

Sarah proved herself to be a stealth bitch, she picked at every single thing Beverly did, including bitching about her making short ribs "again". The ladies' "Half Bushel" restaurant made better dishes than the fellows' "Canteen". Though Canteen had better service, the judges were not wowed by the food. AND if your going to call a dessert Almond Joy there better some fucking coconut in it! Ty-lor missed the mark and was sent a-packin'. I'm quite surprised because Stupid Hair Accessory Chris made the misnamed dessert and did absolutely nothing else. Biding my time for that louse to get the chop next.

And Sarah can suck on Beverly's rib bones because Beverly was singled out as the big winner this week. Sarah & Lindsay took upon themselves to bitch and moan about this. I'm gunning for Grayson to win, as she is assertive without being an asshole & she's fucking amazing chef.

Team Grayson!


Jon in Albany said...

It's easy to do since I can't tell the chefs apart and they seem more like characters than contestants, but Ty-lor was sent packing after this episode. Both Chris's live to cook another day-although it isn't looking good for pony-tail Chris.

And Ed made the Almond Joy thing. Pony tail Chris made some kind of cracker jack ice cream dessert that was lacking cracker and/or jack. At no point during the meal at Canteen did Tom appear to hate everything about the place. But a producer must have lit a bottle rocket up his ass before judges table.

I feel for the chefs. They try to get the impossible done. Sometimes they kind of succeed and that makes the impossible seem doable. Seriously, 5 hours to cook, set up the place and train the waitstaff?!? I'm sure they all would have shown up at 7 AM. No reason to make them wait until noon.

I'm pulling for Nyesha. Let's see her go up against Grayson and either Chris J or Ed. Beverly can cook, but she worries too much about what the others think of her.

phairhead said...

Nyesha was sent home waaaaay too early...she's murdering the offed chefestants!

phairhead said...

edited, thanks buddy!