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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bring me the Heart of Snow White!

Top Chef recap time!

And it's wagons ho as the remaining cheftestants travel onwards to San Antonio. There's a place I've always wanted to go to....warm weather, excellent food, beautiful scenery.

There's tension w/ the female cheftestants as the majority of them hate Beverly.....turns out the men hate her too because she's always under foot in the kitchen. I don't hate Bev and I don't like her. Definitely middle of the pack for me.

And that French sweetie Eric Ripert joined Padma in the kitchen for the Quickfire. I really really enjoy Msr. Ripert, he's insightful, knows a good plate of food when he sees one & never is mean spirited in his criticisms. Are you taking notes, Tom Col(dick)io?

For the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to yank ingredients off a fast moving conveyor belt. You snooze, you lose. However, the longer you spend looking for tasty ingredients, the less time you have to cook. The losers were Stupid Hair Accessory Chris, waited for the best stuff: foie gras, lobster & vanilla bean. His flavours did not gel. Seriously, can we get rid of this guy already?! He sucks. Grayson, awww, for too much citrus on her Dover sole & Paul's overly bitter bitter melon & mussels broth. Beverly would have won the Quickfire had she been quicker to plate her tofu. Lindsay won by a technicality w/ her grouper and clam bouillabaisse. Always the bridesmaid, aren't ya, Lindsay?

For the Elimination Challenge, Charlize Theron showed up to plug her upcoming film Snow White & the Hunstman & challenged the cheftestants to make wickedly dark, evil, Gothic meal. That is an awesome awesome concept! I loved this! Cooking doesn't always have to be pretty and sweet. The judges loved all the plates and it really came to to nitpicks to choose a loser. The winner for the week was Paul and his foie gras & bacon, pumpernickel, pickled cherries and beets enchanted wicked forest. If you nixed the foie gras, I would shove my face all up in that! Getting the boot was Bev....whoa! It really did seem like a difficult decision for the judges to make and somebody had to go.

One thing has been nagging me though....usually when a famous non-food person is a guest, they have an "entourage" or bunch of extras to dine w/ them. But not Charlize! Does she not have any friends?


Jon in Albany said...

I watched this episode and the last chance show last night and went to bed pissed. I didn't think it would piss me off this much. I didn't think I actually cared about the show.

If all of the plates were as great as the judges said while eating them, Beverly's was the worst because she didn't really do the challenge. If you are looking for good food with a guttural wickedness to it, I don't know how you could put down Grayson's dish. That is what an evil queen would want for dinner. If Grayson had chose to minimize the challenge, I'm sure the plate would have looked more like Beverly's.

Personally, I agree that Beverly is in the middle of the pack and isn't someone I hoped did well or desired gone. You can say that about most the chefs this year. But the last chance kitchen was bullshit.

It starts with Tom making it clear that none of the departed chefs want Beverly to win. Then they get a fish and one chance to go to the pantry for everything you need - bowls, pans, spoon and ingredients. As soon as they get everything set up, Tom comes out and they have to switch stations. Fine, throw them for a loop. But based on the appearances of the finished dishes and Tom's comments, this is the first time I honestly believe the producers had an impact on the outcome. I call shenanigans.

I don't think Tom really thought Beverly's dish was better. I think Beverly generates more tension and drama. Want to send Sarah back to the hospital, have Beverly show up again.

Nyesha, I'm sorry for the hex I put on you by typing your name last week. Hopefully they will invite you back for some kind of All star thing where you can crush some chefs.

Maybe they'll lure me back in. Maybe I'll run out of stuff that I taped and watch it on demand. But for tonight, I'm out. I don't care who wins and I'm not sure I'll believe they won fairly.

Top Chef Texas: Worst. Season. Ever.

phairhead said...

Jon: Further proof that these challenges are skewed! Nyesha is a much much much better chef than Bev.

I will disagree w/ you though that DC was the worst season ever.....SOOOOO much mediocracy!

Jon in Albany said...

I think I may have completely repressed DC. Don't even remember who was on it or won. I vaguely remember them cooking at the CIA and the CID director had to leave for something. Other than that, I've got no memory of it.

Anthony Hopper said...

I a sure Charlize has lots of friends :-)

phairhead said...

it was a joke, lighten up

Anthony Hopper said...

my post was light/whimsical, hence the :-)...If I were being serious or dour, I would have used a mean face emoticon or a serious face emoticon. :-)

so, :-)

phairhead said...