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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts on a Saturday

I love love love to people watch. As SB & I were heading back home w/ full bellies & a vintage Cluedo game, I spied a lone traveler walking down the busy road.

I was disappointed when I realized it wasn't Doctor Who. This particular gentleman was decked out in a jeans & a jean jacket. To be more accurate, they were jeans w/ pant legs cut off. BUT he definitely wasn't wearing shorts because the dungarees in questions were cut short enough. They sort of reminded me of ladies capri pants. Capri pants that were worn a deserted island for a few years & deteriorated to a ragged state.

Perhaps Robinson Crusoe is living near me.


Jon in Albany said...

Kind of cold and windy for capri pants with a jean jacket today. Although, it could have been me back in 1988. Head to toe denim was the thing back then.

phairhead said...

I think you can only pull off that look is if you have a moustache

Jon in Albany said...

No stache, but I had kind of a Miami Vice perma scruff thing going on.

The logic behind the scruff was booze. A person with that level of scruff could not possibly be in high school and should clearly be allowed to buy whatever he wants is this liquor store without getting carded. Worked for the most part...luckily there is not much photographic evidence of this look. But I think I might still have the jacket.

phairhead said...

my husband had a mullet in the 90s *sigh* and a stache, lots of underage drinking abound