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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deconstructing Suzi

Top Chef recap!

And I'm still mourning Mattin. As a tribute to their fallen homie, all the cheftestants wore his signature red scarf around their necks. AWWW!

For the Quickfire, the cheftestants are greeted by Top Chef guest judge and semi-regular Michelle Bernstein. Everyone must make a duo representing temptation and restraint. And sucking it hard were Ash and his unfinished custard (ew!), Bryan and his poorly executed light and dark desserts and Laurine and her crap chicken. I like Laurine but yeah chicken 2 ways. Kinda lame. And the winning immunity was Robin and her duo of apples, one salad and one apple crumb desserty thang. Robin is annoying but hey she won. And dick Eli was bitching that she won 'cause she played the cancer card. Douche!

For the Elimination Challenge, the KNIFE BLOCK O' DOOM. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Hee, haven't you guys always wondered how much fun it would be to wear a black stove pipe hat and handlebar moustache? Some day, friends, some day. Anyways, the cheftestants picked a traditional dish and had to create a deconstructed dish out of it. Not a fan of deconstructionism in literature, after watching this epi, it seems like it could be fun to use in cooking. The winner was Kevin and his deconstructed chicken mole negro. Holy God! Chicken mole fucking rules anyways! But to reinvent it, fuck yeah! And packing it up was Ron and his not really deconstructed paella.

And we get a break from Top Chef next week. See ya in 2 and 2.

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