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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Odd Man Out

It's Wednesday Top Chef recap time!

For the Quickfire Challenge, we are greeted by Top Chef Masters cheftestant and now judge Mark Peel (who got his ass whomped by Anita Lo!) and a mountain of every potato you can imagine. Hmmmm wonder what the challenge could be? Hopefully, you weren't think seafood challenge. So sucking it big time were Jesse (aw man!) for being heavy handed w/ her cayenne on her sweet potato soup. I got you girl, I'd eat that spicy soup and love it! Along w/ Ron and his bland on bland fish and veg and Eli for too sweet sweet potatoes. And the winner and getting immunity was Jen and her essence of potato and mussels. And that fucking prick Mike I. was bitching about "favouritism". Dude, she did better than you in the Quickfire. Get over it. Methinks Mike I. is a lady hater.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to cook for the men and women of the U.S. Air Force and surprise there was only one burner available to use, no blender and lots and lots of canned foods. AND it was a big group challenge as the lunch was being served buffet style. To simplify things the cheftestants decided amongst themselves to pair off and work on one dish together w/ Jen acting as executive chef, which means she gets to boss everyone around. Wish I had that job! And I felt a pang of familiarity when no one wanted to work w/ Jesse. Aww! And winning this week was nice Michael V. who did a free form "taco" of lettuce and pork like bacony goodness. And packing their knives was Preeti who decided skating by would be good enough. Hmm that strategy didn't work out so hot, did it?

And WTF, Top Chef judges, you axed 3 ladies in a row. Lame!

Next week look out for double decker recaps as Top Model returns!


Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Wait, are you still talking about Vegas? Did I mention I love the bar at the Venetian? ;-p

Cheeks said...

I love Vegas in very small doses - I think 3 days is about my maximum. I don't have a favorite bar because they all kinda run together for me when I'm there. I did see my first hooker pick-up in a bar at the Hard Rock though, so that kinda sticks out.

I am bummed that it has been all women booted so far... but the women are kinda weak this season. And that Michael guy (not the cute sunburned brother, but the other one) is a DOUCHEBAG!

phairhead said...

lion: it's recap day. every wednesday

cheeks: never been to vegass. i have no money to gamble : )

major douchebag!

Cheeks said...

Silly girl - you don't have to actually gamble in Vegas. There's LOTS of other things to do. And the buffets... seriously good food.

Although it can be pretty fun. Especially when you're playing blackjack or craps with someone else's money. "Mamma needs some Prada!" was my rallying cry at 3am during one of our boozey sales meetings in Vegas. *sigh* I miss that company.

phairhead said...

perhaps one day i'll go. what size shoe are you?

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Yeah, I figured that little secret out ;-). I just still don't care about Top Chef and still do care about Vegas :-p

And hell. I never gamble. Too lazy to count at Blackjack and know too much math to 'play' anything else. Buy it sure is fun to drink and watch suckers!