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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Win, Place, NOOOO

Top Model recap, bitches!

This week was topsey turvey! The hamsters had interviews w/ the head of casting w/ Wilhelmina modeling agency. And surprise surprise, one little hamster is being set free before the photo shoot and bullshit challenge. Rachel was sent a-packin' because she's kinda dumb. And by kinda, I mean dull/normal.

And oh no! Tyra's trying to act again. Save us all! And it's a smiling w/ yr eyes (not yr mouth) lesson or "smizing". There was a smize off and 6 lucky hamsters got to wear designer duds to a party and the 6 losers had to work at the same party passing out hors d'oerves.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters were "nude" on horses. They all wore underpants and one chick had on a body suit so BOO. We want naked pixelated bits! And best photo of the week went to single barely legal mom Erin. I just realized I made a mistake for last week, Rae had the winning photo. Sorry. Rae and Erin look eerily similar. And going home was Courtney. WHAT? ARG! The chick w/ the lazy eye gets to stay? Bullshit! I'll miss you Courtney and yr cute spunky red hair.

What's up w/ not having a 4th judge this season? We end up w/ a "guest" judge each week. Bit disconcerting. I miss having a bitchy judge.


Anonymous said...

i tried to smize once, hurt myself, am now a cripple

phairhead said...

i can think of a few ways to heal you ; )