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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Somebody's Miracle

Now usually I don't participate in Half Nekkid Thursday but I felt compelled as I liked the unofficial theme this week of photographer one's flaws.

I am a deeply deeply flawed gal. I'm jealous, hypersensitive and generally just a snobby bitch. I'm not proud of this and try to keep these facets of my personality hidden or tamed.

However, there are some things you cannot hide. I hate hate hate my grotesque tummy. It jiggles and sticks out too far and generally makes me feel miserable about my appearance.

Because I am big nerdball, I really enjoying watching those BBC America documentaries. Something really stuck w/ me from " My Small Breasts and I". This one woman was so distraught about her breast size, she flew from somewhere in England to NYC to work w/ a photographer type of therapist. This woman takes raw intimate photos of people's insecurities and fears.

Hopefully by posting this, I can see myself in a new light.


Anonymous said...

i wanna kiss that tummy

i just finished watching the new ep of SKINS, speaking of bbc america...

Leslie said...

This is SUCH a great post! I love that you are trying to embrace your flaws.

And it's a great tummy. Seriously.

phairhead said...

eternal: i how did you know the way to my heart was tummy kisses.
cheers to BBS America!

les: thanks. it's very weird that i hate that part of my body so much but i love having people pay attention to it.

Albany Jane said...

Hay, where's the belly button piercing?

phairhead said...

i took it out! for reals, i have scar. i only had it in for 8 months. it was infected constantly. EEEWWWW!

Cheeks said...

Is it weird that your tummy makes me want to hug you? I like it! :)

phairhead said...

yr so sweet, cheeks ; )