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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labour Day Foodings

Summer is gone and I'm quite depressed about it. I'm going to miss the sun and late nights and great summer fruits. September always feels so disappointing, a huge let down betwixt summer and my favourite month, October.

Anyways, SexyBeast and I went for one last hurrah to my parent's log cabin home in the Adirondacks. After a 3 mile hike, a cold swim in the lake and narrowly losing to my parents at bocce ball, SexyBeast barbecued up some delicious pork ribs. I say he barbecued because the heat was slow and low and he used a dry rub and not a drippy sauce. Though the ribs themselves were a bit bony, they were so sweet and succulent.

Sunday we hung out w/ his family. SexyBeast found some skirt steak and caramelized some onions and mushrooms to go w/ it and sliced the steak fajita style. I was in charge of the sweet potatoes, I sliced them thin and seasoned them w/ salt, red pepper and Cointreau. You have to nuke them before they go on the grill and I guess I didn't leave them in there long enough 'cause they were taking soooooooo long to grill. And his family was being really annoying about the whole business. We had to finish them off in the microwave unfortunately. And might I just add this meal was just for us as everyone else had already eaten.

Monday I met up w/ my middle brother's old girlfriend at the new Moroccan restaurant in Albany, Casablanca. Now the decor leaves a lot to be desired but the food was plentiful and cheap. We were given free almond and coconut cookies and free tasters of Moroccan mint iced tea and Moroccan orange juice, I think they put seltzer in it. And a free salad/crudite plate of marinated beets, sweet carrots and diced almost pickled cucumber. A great way to start off a meal! We skipped apps 'cause it was lunch and we wanted to keep it light. My friend had the chicken kebabs w/ rice and beautiful fresh peppers and beans. The chef came out front to de-skewer her meat. SexyBeast had meatball tagine / fragrant rice. And I had chicken couscous w/ fresh veggies. And they gave us two baskets of bread. I highly recommend Casablanca, I'm going back there for my birthday.

At least today is Tuesday : (


Cheeks said...

Don't be sad! September is a pretty cool month - they weather is still usually pretty good and I love the 'back to school' atmosphere. I almost always buy new pencils and a couple of new outfits around this time of the year just to get back into the swing of things. Maybe make yourself some mac & cheese in a hot pot to feel like you're back in the dorms? Oh, and drink Busch Light from a keg. That helps, too.

phairhead said...

heh heh thanks for the pick me up tips : )

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Yeah! September is the most awesomest of awesome months. Back to school rules (even if I don't go back anymore, I do tend to start new jobs around now?). Plus. Pirate festivals. Plus Oktoberfest. plus the autumnal
equinox. Plus the bestest birthdays ever (I'm not biased or nothing but they are pretty good ones). So you should celebrate The wonderfulness that is September.

We have a couple Morroccan places around here. I love em. Though sometimes I feel making us soy on the floor takes the theme a bit far. I always forget what the dish is with the ground chicken and nuts and powdered sugar dough....but it's so damn good!

Albany Jane said...

Thanks for the Casablanca report, lovey!

Personally, I've always liked labor day since it means hoodie weather is right around the corner (but then again I'm one of those wierdos who loves the cold)

phairhead said...

lion: are you hinting at a birthday pressie? ; ) that chicken sweet dish is one of my FAVES!! you have taste

AJ: no problema, amiga! and let AlbanyJohn know the most expensive item on the menu was 12.50

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Hinting? Hell, I'm writing in the sky with 12ft letters of fire ;-)

and damn straight I do! Ask anyone who likes me. Obviously those who don't have none themselves.

Sarah said...

I hate the end of summer, too. I love fall but I dread winter.

That sounds delicious. I love Moroccan food :)

phairhead said...

Ms. Undecided: i suffer from seasonal depression so yeah winter sucks me dry :P