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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jessie's Girl

Sorry Lion, still recapping Top Chef ; )

And it's the French episode! For the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to create a dish of escargots (snails or cockles if yr British) for this week's guest judge Daniel Boulud. The winner was the bearded Kevin and his escargot fricassee with mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and candied bacon jam. But damn that looked looked a plate of grossness. And for winning he got to sit out this round of the Elimination Challenge. And there was a twist! The three worst cheftestants had to go to Sudden Deathround because somebody was getting the boot. And unfortunately, Lady Luck was no longer smiling upon Jessie, she made yucky snails and her her sudden death amuse bouche had no seasoning. Famous last words "Hopefully everyone knows, I don't really suck." Sad for me because now I have no one I'm really rooting for. Well, at least Mattin looked hot in his underwear and Kevin doesn't seem like a bad egg.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants chose from the Knife Block o' Doom! Some cheftestants got classic French proteins (read: animals) and others got classic French sauces. And everyone paired up accordingly. However for the judging, they picked a sole winner, instead of a duo win. And the big winner was Bryan for making some kickass trout and his partner Mike I (the lame-o) looks on w/ his deconstructed Bernaise. And also going home was Hector because he didn't know how to cut and cook Chateaubriand.

Adios, Hector. Lo Siento Lydia.


Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

No worries, I can talk about Rick Springfield instead. Doesn't he have a show in Vegas? Man, Jessie's Girl was a great terrible song. But Hard to Hold was just plain terrible. The exec that greenlighted that film better have been fired.

phairhead said...

I vaguely remember watching Hard to Hold. Methinks the Springfield has been dipping into the botox

Lydia said...


phairhead said...

: (