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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our House" Part I

As some of you may or may not know, Sexybeast and I purchased a home of our own. And by "we", I mean Sexybeast 'cause I make 2 cents an hour. And if I may go off on a tangent, why the hell did The Man remove the cents symbol from the keyboard? I love that symbol! Fuckheads!

Anyways, we own a modest 2 bedroom home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. I love it, it's a great 1st house. But it was a looooooong road to get there. Here's a journey down memory lane of the dogs we had peruse before finding THE ONE.

1. (I'll be talking about places in my area, hope y'all don't mind)A 3 bedroom in Delmar. Hmm, that sounds swanky. That's kinda of posh area, wonder why it's so reasonable? Oh, right! It's in a shared driveway behind a bank on a busy main street. The acreage around the back of the house was basically an embankment that may or may have been used by the mob to dump bodies. Well, maybe the inside is workable. Hmmmm..... no, not so much. As Sexybeast cannot stand upright in the 2nd floor of the house. Not to mention all of the bedrooms were so tiny they looked they were furnished w/doll house furniture.

2. We thought #2 would be our new home. It was perfect, in a remote part of Albany County (West Berne), lots of usable acreage and the right size to the interior of the house. Sexybeast, "Hey, what's this crack in the foundation?" Upon closer inspection, we saw that in the basement, there was buckling and bowing on the walls. And lots of lots of wet spots. Sexybeast took that one hard : (

3. Lake front property in Schodack. This was rental being sold. And the renters were hanging around while we were looking around. It stank like an ass tray! There was an 8 y/o Down Syndrome child running around nude. The older kids were smoking weed in the upstairs "bedroom", which was just a larger sized loft. And the basement looked like a make shift crypt.

4. Another Berne home. Gorgeous property. And there's a VERY large hole on the back side of the house.

5. 1 1/2 bedroom in Rotterdam. If they had taken out the walls, it would have been a very large studio apartment.

#6 was the charm!

More to come....


Leslie said...

I wanna see some pics!

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...


House hunting buhlows. Until you find THE one. Then it's awesome!

Albany Jane said...

Oh man, I never get it when people do absolutely nothing to improve/clean when they know their place is being shown. I call it shame cleaning, but damnit, it's how I clean!

And at least you found all your foundational problems! My mom's place ended up having them really badly a year after she moved in. Yipes!

phairhead said...

les: pics coming w/in the next few weeks

lion: thanks : )

AJ: heh heh shame cleaning is my life!

Anonymous said...

RIP the cents symbol

there will be a small ceremony, mostly for family and close friends, tomorrow evening near the penny fountain

$ is not invited

phairhead said...

eternal: you brighten my day.
we should rally to get the British pound symbol on the keyboard. ya w/ me?