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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hostess w/ the Mostest

OK folks, I could no longer resist the siren song of the Bettie's Cupcake double decker pink bus. And I had to go to the library anyway.... (did you know you can get books for free?!) so I got purchased 4 little pockets of joy.

What you see here is a chocolate w/ vanilla frosting and mini M&M's, red velvet, vanilla w/ chocolate frosting and a cosmo. 12 bucks, 3 dollars a cake. Should have gotten the 6 pack but I didn't want the extra cuppies around the house.

This is cosmo, still not sure what the exact flavour is but the frosting was lime.

Here's SB making love to the red velvet.

Very tasty cakes, dense and moist. I hate dry and airy! I just wish they were cheaper and bigger.

Stay tuned for more reviews from Bettie's....


Just A. Girl said...

Those look delicious. Wish I had one right now!

Albany Jane said...


I think you guys should spark a trend and do an eating action meme.

phairhead said...

JAG: it was worth the calories ; )

AJ: SB has a great photo of me eating pho w/ noodles hanging out of my mouth. action network blog....hmmmm