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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barack Obama City

Hurray, Top Chef is back! So, I had to invent a system to watch Top Chef as we refuse to be anally raped to get cable. And FYI, it's impossible to download the show illegally off the interwebs. So, the 'rents are in the Adirondacks for the summer & they have TiVo......problem solved :D

As per usual, my first gripe is too many fucking cheftestants. Sheesh! It feels like there's about 60 people competing.

This season the chefs are vying for the title in the sultry city of D.C. Methinks there will be lots of Obama mentions this season.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had a mise en place tourney. First round, peel 10 potatoes and the 12 fastest cheftestants move on to the next part of finely dicing 10 cups of onions. From there, the 8 fastest cheftestants had to break down 4 chickens. Which led to final showdown of the 4 fastest chefs using the chicken, onion, potatoes and whatever else they wanted from the Top Chef pantry to create a dish. It looked freaking hard because they weren't given potatoes peelers. Sheesh! The top four were Kenny (an early fave), Angelo the douchebag, Kevin (no opinion) and Tim (no opinion). Kevin and Tim sucked for using too many condiments. Annnnnndddddd.......Angelo won w/ his douchy roasted chicken wing and thigh, curried onion jam and potato noodles. Kenny got housed!

For the Elimination Challenge, each cheftestant had to create a dish that represented the region that live in. Pretty cool idea. And the twist: the final four from Quickfire chose 3 other cheftestants they would be cooking against. And Angelo the Douchebag tried to sabotage Kenny by throwing the odd chef in w/ his group.

And the wiener was not Kenny :( but Angelo and his Artic char, pickled shallots (the only yum in this dish), tapioca and bacon froth. It looked damn baby spit up! Personally, I think the judges are holding too much stock in the 1st winner of Quickfire winning the Elimination. Packing their knives was John. Lemme tell y'all about John. He has disgusting grey dreadlocks and yellow teeth and hipster glasses. He decided he would make a dessert instead of regular entree for judging. Yuck yucky!

Early faves, the unflappable Kenny, bald Alex who made it to the winners circle w/ his deconstructed borscht and Jacqueline, even though she made gritty pate.

I'm an episode behind, so bear w/ me my fearless readers.


Jon in Albany said...

I like watching the challenges. Some of the judging is unnecessarily harsh and at times down right rude.

This group seems a little more bitchy and prone to fighting. But I guess that is reality TV.

phairhead said...

Jon: yes this grouping is MUCH more catty than the previous seasons. I liked it better when they had cheftestants that focused more on the food than the cameras

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