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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thunks R' Us

The TT questions are brought to you by Kimber, the color of success and the number 1567.

1. Have you ever wondered why snakes can't slither backwards? Ummmm....I'm pretty sure they can.

2. Is divorce contagious? Yup just like monagamy and breeding.

3. Do you enjoy hiking? YES!!!!!

4. Is there a color of a shirt a man should just never wear? Piss yellow

5. Have you read a news story this week that just made your blood boil? Nope...

6. Do you keep old business cards or name tags from companies you have worked for? Nyah, out w/ the old, in w/ the new.

7. If you could save an endangered species, which one would it be? Dodo, no question. How fucking awesome would that be??

8. When is it warm enough outside for you to start wearing shorts? The week before Memorial weekend, even if it's 50 degrees and raining.

9. Have you ever broken a window? Heh heh. Yeah. The best one was batting practice w/ a golf ball when I was 10. My mother was really unhappy.

10. Do dogs in your neighborhood howl when they hear sirens from police cars or fire trucks? There's some old and mean dogs that howl at every little fucking thing. Stupid dogs!

11. Have you tried doing something as an adult that you used to be able to do as a kid? A back bend. That worked about as well as you think.


I am Harriet said...

I bet your mom was unhappy :)

Have a great Thursday!

Just A. Girl said...

We need photos of your back bend!

My dog howls at everything and he isn't even old or mean. Maybe stupid though. LOL.

Albany Jane said...

Oh, we should go hiking some time! But remind me to bring a crap ton of water, otherwise I go from fun and bubbly to cranky and bitchy *reaaaalllly* quickly.

phairhead said...

Harriet: holy crap! She had lava flowing from her ears!

JAG: you have a puppers? I figured you more if a cat person

AJ: heh heh! Water bottles are the 1st thing I nab :D

Anonymous said...

donning chartreuse at the moment, so i'm still okay, right?

phairhead said...

eternal: chartreuse is a in the green family so yr safe. Green on Thursday means yr horny at least that is what I learned in 6th grade

Smirking Cat said...

Oh, the acrobatics I could do as a kid that just lead to ice packs, Tylenol, and bed rest now...

Just A. Girl said...

I have a dog, a cat, and a fish. (And a husband and a kid, if they count for pets too). :)

phairhead said...

JAG: i didn't know yr a mama :D