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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Getting Hot in Here

It's Top Chef recap time!

Some time has passed since we last saw the cheftestants, Blais grew a douchy beard. He looks like a molting werewolf.

Anyways...for the Quickfire, the judges are assigned a protein and had to cook head to head w/ the chef that won their season. Which means Antonia & Blais had to double up w/ the lovely and talented Stephanie Izard. Love her! Oh my geezers, Hosea looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Surprisingly FatHead won against Mike Volt, SAY WHAT?, and won the Quickfire over Blais. I'm really scratching my head over that one.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to cook for Bahamanian royalty. And I thought to myself, "There's a king of the Bahamas? That doesn't sound right." Turns out, it was a figure of speech. It was just a dude that has been dubbed the King of Parties. Whilst, cooking away in the kitchen one of the fryalators caught on serious fire. This would have thrown off my game & such was the case w/ poor Antonia. Yes, all three gal cheftestants ended up on the chopping block. Pun intended. And Carla was sent home. I've never been a big fan of hers but, fuck, don't ever serve raw pork to anyone at any time. And winner was FatHead. Are you kidding me?! Blech...

Is it almost over yet?


Jon in Albany said...

I would argue that there are some producers on this show that need to pack their bad ideas and go. The idea for the quickfire was great. An actual test of a chef's ability. Against another chef. The winner of their season!

But then they stage the whole thing in direct sun on folding tables a faulty induction burners. No kitchens in the Bahamas? Apparently not because the elimination challenge was set in a kitchen moments away from bursting into flames.

I can forgive the fire during the elimination. Why would you check the thermostat of a fryer when picking a location? Just bad luck the thermostat was stuck around 550 degrees. But the outdoor cooking on faulty equipment, there's just no need for that.

Carla cooked some good looking food at times, but she barely skated by a few times too. The raw pork couldn't slip under the radar this time...

Jon in Albany said...


phairhead said...

Jon: It was very ridiculous to have all the chefs cook outside! Oh this show! Between that and the blatant product placing