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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I don't know about last week's Top Chef. The challenge seemed a bit sub par for the cheftestants' caliber.....except for Fathead Mike.

On w/ the recap!

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to make a dish w/in the time constraints of the Ellis Island Ferry crossing the Hudson. PLUS they could only use ingredients found in the ferry cantina. I'm sure you can imagine what was found; Cheetos, hot dogs, nacho cheese glue. Huh, Blais magically had an MRE kit in his chef bag....weird. Man, he's been working on my last nerve. At least he's a worthy competitor. Tiffany made nachos (not really stretching her imagination on this one!) & microwave popcorn w/ dried fruit (EW!) She totally got called out on a lack of creativity. Blais made a hot dog w/ A LOT of stuff on it, the judges liked his flavours. Fathead made a "soup" of nacho cheese and hot dog really he did. & it looked like red vomit. Needless to say, Fathead did not win. Antonia made grilled cheese on raisin bread w/ apples slices & because she used the hot dog grill, the sandwich had a whisper of porkiness. DANG!!! I should make that right now except for the hot dog juice. But Carla was the ultimate winner w/ her orange and papaya salad w/ carrot & rosemary salad. Blais was totally sour grapes about this! Pissing and moaning about Carla not cooking anything. True there was no heat involved, however, the judges went ape shit for her flavour layering. Plus the fruits and veg were fresh. So suck on that!

Upon landing at Ellis Island, the cheftestants were greeted by their families. AW! Slightly surprised that Antonia's little daughter was not present. MAJORLY surprised that Tiffany's fiancee was nowhere to be found. That clinches it, she's boning annoying Ed from her season.

Anyways, the cheftestants were each given a personalized dossier about their ancestry. Turns out Antonia and Fathead are half assed relations. Did anybody else think it was weird that the cheftestants' families were judging the food? Just me? Oh OK. Antonia and her braised veal and risotto. So much yum right now! And packing their knives was NOBODY. I saw this coming a mile away. Yes it was a non-elimination episode. And all the cheftestants are on their way to the semi-finals.



Jon in Albany said...

Quickfire - very weak. You are a great chef and fearless leader of the kitchen can make something taste good with hot dogs and a griddle? Seriously, why bother?

The elimination challenge was a good challenge. They fooled me anyway. I thought they were really trying to eliminate someone, and then wimped out.

phairhead said...

Jon: I know, right? The whole episode seemed off to me.