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Monday, April 18, 2011

Crabby Patty

1) One night when you look outside the window of your house, you spy glinting eyes in a small face. What do you do? Who/what is it? Freak the fuck out! It's The Gentleman!!!

2) List some things that you would like to do on your next birthday. Have gigantic fire works, a drum line & drink lots of champagne

3) Is there someone you know who has a really annoying laugh? How about a really fun laugh? My father annoys me w/ his hen laying eggs laugh. SB's friend has this high pitched girly laugh that is incredibly infectious.


Leslie said...

How does a hen laying eggs sound?

Sophia Walker said...

Those eyes probably belong to a coyote!

phairhead said...


SW: for rizzle, I'm fucking afraid of looking out the windows at night. I blame Salem's Lot