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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top of the Tops

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion who would win the title of Top Chef, I think it was an incredible disservice that Antonia got the boot last time because then it would have been a closer race.

As per usual, the final two cheftestants got to chose 3 sous chefs to assist in their final meal. They did a blind taste test of small bites. I thought that was wicked cool, a way to pick fairly w/out sexist bias. Blais ended up w/ Spike (BOO!), Angelo (YUCK!) and Antonia (HURRAY!) while Fathead got Tiffani (WOO HOO!), Jamie (HA! HA!) & Carla (meh) on his team.

I got to be honest w/ you, I tuned out most of this episode.

And Blais wins.


Jon in Albany said...

It wasn't a very exciting episode. Pike actually turned out to be a pretty slick spy. Of the two competing chefs, I think the right chef won. I am curious about that pepperoni sauce your buddy fathead made though.

I don't see myself getting into the modeling show, but I definitely enjoyed rehashing Top Chef with you.

phairhead said...

Jon: stayed tuned for Top Chef Masters!

And on a side note: hurray for smoker season!!!