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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy Making

Hurray, I have my Top Model recap up in time!

More of Alexandria's total jerkiness, Molly says Alexandria is on her top 10 list of all time bitches....heh heh comedy gold.

For the challenge, the hamsters were modeling for the Warriors in Pink, a part of the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure (breast cancer) & had to pick a warrior symbol & style themselves as that symbol. Alexandria was a tree of life & she literally stood in a pile of dirt. SAY WHAT? And w/ that she won the challenge and got to participate in a PSA for boobie cancer awareness & a new car (a Ford Focus, lame). Of course this becomes a catalyst of one of the greatest cat fights in Top Model history. Cutie bob haired Brittani freaks the fuck out on Bitchface & the truth comes out that no one in the house likes Bitchface.

This photo shoot was a particular fave, the hamsters had to convey the crazy. I loved the over the top couture, it was truly eerie and beautiful. Who knew madness was gorgeous?

At panel, Brittani had a panic attack after she again reiterated her feelings about Alexandria in front of the judges. Tyra(nt) did not take too kindly to this confession. Thankfully, Brittani was spared and boring Mikaela was sent a-packing.

And among the drama Jaclyn's mad for makeup got best photo o' the week.

Next week: time to take out the trash!

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