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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nein ich bein

SB and I went to Schnitzel-Fest at the German American Club in Colonie. Colour me surprised as I had never known there was a German American Club, let alone it was on some random side street in Colonie.

Anyways we get there @ 7, just as the oompa band took the stage & oddly enough there was no to greet us at the door to take our money.

So we belly up to the bar, a total old man bar if there ever was one. SB was really excited to have a few liters of Franziskaner.

I partook of some Stella, not German but close enough

There was some confusion about the schnitzel part of the evening. Apparently, you had to RSVP & no where in the Metroland did I read about that. We were frantically told that we had to be served last and there was only pork left. No problem! Except the chef asked if we wanted pork or chicken.....and nobody really wanted to seat us, so we sat at the bar......and they tried to serve us somebody else's schnitzel.

It was damn tasty! We also got some green bean salad & a healthy scoop of mashed potatoes & some steamed mixed veggies. We some how got the shaft on the bread.

It was a really nice meal. I also forced SB to polka for half a second. And we saw old men drink nasty liquor. Here's some high lights, "I'll have a Beefeater's with......Beefeater's." "Did you run out of Johnny Walker Red?"

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