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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can you See this?

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of the shark that nomnom'd on Osama and the number eight
And please remember not to take these questions literally. I got a message last week questioning the questions. This is meant to be a fun, think about it meme... there is not supposed to be serious answers! Have fun with it for pete's sake! Whoever Pete is....

1. Name 5 famous people that you wouldn't be you without them. Margaret Atwood, Margaret Cho, Joe Strummer, Willow Rosenberg, Bettie Page

2. So yeah, did you hear Osama is dead? If you could take any letter out of the alphabet and have it never ever used again, which letter would it be? X, very useless and lonely

3. If you were to swallow a guitar pick, would you tell anyone? NEVER!

4. My tummy hurts. Do you know anyone that eats strange things like toilet paper, chalk or some other off the wall thing that shouldn't be eaten? Ugh, no!

5. Whats your favorite kind of noodle? Wow! So many to choose from...gnocchi, definitely gnocchi

6. So yeah, back to this Osama stuff. When someone says "the event that everyone will remember where they were when they heard the news", what event do you think of? The day the Challenger blew up

7. Someone last week mentioned that I don't have to have exactly 10 questions, so should I stop here? No

8. Name 5 not-famous people that you wouldn't be you without them Friends, family and a boss


Albany Jane said...

It is hard to pick a favorite noodle! They're all so good!

phairhead said...

It was tough choice between gnocchi & ramen

Anonymous said...

5. oodles of

phairhead said...

They definitely live up to their name, don't they?

Jon in Albany said...

I had never heard of Willow Rosenberg. So I googled the name. Then I saw a picture and thought: Her name is Willow Rosenberg?!? I thought is was Alison something...oops

phairhead said...

Jon: well technically Willow is fiction but yeah I always identified w/ her :-)