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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Top Model recap time!

It's blonde vs brunette. Crabby pants vs. tiny tears.

But before the winner can be crowned, the long suffering viewers are forced to watch the hamsters schill for Cover Girl. Blahblahblah lipstick.

The parents are flown in....actually just Crank Molly's parents as Brittani's mother has an anxiety disorder and had a recent surgery.

Then the runway. Look! It's gentle giant Ann from last season. LOVE! And both hamsters are sporting blown out fro wigs ala Chaka Khan circa 1978. And seconds before the closing of the runway show, Brittani head dives into a wall. This is preserved forever in celluloid.

For the final judging, both hamsters had their chopped off. Wicked wicked short! Looks great, wish I could do that. But SB hates the cropped look and my face is too "round". Then the side by side photo comparisons. That is truly my favourite part. Molly has a better portfolio but bobbed Brittani is now the reining Top Model.

See you in September, Tyra!

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