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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Stuff

1) You wake up chained to the wall of a medieval torture room. The torture devices are laid out on a table in front of you. What’s your plan? Cry and scream

2) What era is your favorite for fashion so far in your life? I like the early 90's kinder-whore sloppiness

3) You've just won a lifetime supply of candy! Which type do you pick? (By the way, it’s miraculously healthy to eat—no calories, no damage to teeth or other body parts.) Almond Joy


Sophia Walker said...

I can usually wake myself up from bad dreams. But I may hold off for a while, so I can check out the torture devices in action.

phairhead said...

Do you need a dungeon master?

Lydia said...

#1) Try to remember my safe word!

phairhead said...