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Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Alert

1) When you are eating out at your favorite restaurant, you find something unexpected in your food. The owner comes over looking frazzled and begs, “Please, I can explain!” Write a creative/exciting explanation for the object you discovered in your meal. A gold doubloon.

2) Salsa: mild, medium or hot? HOOOOOOTTTTT

3) Do you prefer short stories or longer fiction? Why? Longer fiction because I get too invested in the lives of the characters and then my brain has to get adjusted to get something new 20 pages thanks.


the late phoenix said...

3. short stories, especially the ones with a devastating ending that points you straight to the "message" of it without any unnecessary filler

phairhead said... should check out Margaret Atwood's A.M. Homes' short stories

PorkStar said...

Howdy, havent seen you in a while. No hot stuff for me, unless it's someone im dating : )

phairhead said...

Porky: just been feeling quiet lately....