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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Top Model recap time, bitches!

And yes yes, it is that time of in the season again wherein the hamsters make fools out of themselves dancing in public. This time around the humiliation factor was increased two fold because the hamsters had to belly dance w/ a GIGANTIC tea set & lit candles on their heads. Ridiculous! The big surprise though was Miss Brittani who came out on top in this challenge, she can actually dance. Of course compared to cranky pants (but incredibly beautiful face!) Molly, bland Hannah & dumb ass Bitch Face. Can't say enough bad things about Bitch Face! As the champion Brittani got to have private walking lessons w/ Miss Jay & she invited Blah Hannah along......for devious reasons (HA!). Hannah has the worst walk out of the four and everybody knows it.

Brittani ate goat brain and ended up w/ a touch of food poisoning. Rule #1 of traveling in a foreign country.....don't eat street food....EVER.

The photo shoot was very hard to explain. Let me just say two words "haute couture". That probably says nothing. The hamsters were all decked out and posing in the big ass open market. Best photo for the second week in a row went to Miss Molly. Yes she's angry and pouty but I really like her. And she can werq! Getting das boot was Bitch Face!!! Finally my prayers have been answered. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Final three!


Sophia Walker said...

Generally speaking it's not a good idea to eat brains if you are still alive. Undead? Fuck it you might as well.

phairhead said...

SW: hmm...Zombie Top Model? I'd watch that!