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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everybody Needs a Gimmick

Top Model recap time!

Hamsters had to create their own signature fragrance. Because nothing says legitimate model like stinky perfume in a tacky bottle! The hamsters then had to promote their stank at a "gala" while splish splashing in a bathtub. I think this was ridiculous & humiliating idea & so did Bianca because she refused to get in her tub. I couldn't get behind her though as she kept comparing herself to Beyonce and other A-listers. Bianca, get over yrself! Yr not even remotely in the same league as Ms. Knowles. And lookie look! It's Cycle 3 winner Eva (Pigford) Marcille. Don't know why she's going by Marcille now but she looks wicked cute w/ white blonde hair. And winning over the crowd and immunity from elimination was Lisa.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to portray either Snookie from "Jersey Shore" or Nene from Stupid Fake Whore Housewives while pretending to ride a motorcycle. Hey, I remember the motorcycle shoot from Cycle 3 while the hamsters were in full harajuku regalia....good times! And a much more awesome shoot to boot. Winning photo went to Nene Lisa, she actually looked pretty. Going home was Bianca because she sucks and Kayla.....KAYLA! I call shenanigans. Shannon should have gotten the boot in her old boring ass. My poor, sweet Kayla!

Next week: more shitty acting!

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