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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's no secret that Hallowe'en is my absolutely favourite holiday. I usually start planning our costumes some time around August.

We went as a 1970's private investigator duo! My dream was to find some really awesome retro duds at a local thrift store/consignment shop but it didn't exactly work out like that. Sexybeast got outfitted from the Troy Good Will, we found an excellent tacky mouldy green Hawaiian shirt and an eye watering suit jacket. Douche bag aviator sunglasses completed the look.

I couldn't find jack shit and ended up buying a crappy "retro" costume from The Costumer. BOO! But I did come up w/ a great back story for my character. Her name is Candy and she was a former prostitute saved by her new "employer". She answers phones and hinders all the investigations.

All in all, it was great night. And SB has awesome knife skills.


Jon in Albany said...

Sounds like a good time. Very cool pumpkin. Much scarier than my daughter's design. And I agree with you on the super awsomeness of Halloween.

GADAFINY said...

Halloween rocks

phairhead said...

You did an great job on those pumpkins, Jon :D