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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zorba the Geek

Top Model recap time!

The hamsters are in Greece, hey, maybe they could solve their financial crisis!

For the challenge, the hamsters had to give a 2 minute speech about themselves to the Greek "press" (read bored Grecians that wanted to be on TV) AND they had to incorporate Greek phrases and mention something from Greek mythology. The winner won a neato gold wrist cuff. Some of them came off as inarticulate, Angelea talked about taking a leak and the winner was my sweet sexy alien Allison.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to pose in underwear (which was actually very cute, SHOCKING!) and lay in a gigantic bowl of Greek salad. Ugh! Isn't "Greek" salad an American invention? This was so fucking degrading. Of course, Shannon the 1000 year old corpse refused to do the shoot because it's against her principles to pose in underwear. For cereal, that underwear set looked like swimwear. Plus, Shannon has worn more provocative outfits than bathing suit looking underwear....sooooo....what the fuck? Winning photo went to Dominique, thankfully Allison came in second. And packing it up was Shannon, yawn.

Melt downs galore next week!


Jon in Albany said...

In a salad? Really? If they wanted to be authentic, the shoot should have been in a diner.

phairhead said...

Or a goat farm :D