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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Psyche Out!

Top Chef has started back up again!

This time around the cheftestants will be cooking all around the great state of Texas. And HOLY COW, there are 29 cheftestants! That seems a bit excessive & ponderous. But there was a twist! The cheftestants are exactly on the show, instead, they must cook for a spot. I think this premises is incredibly stupid. I don't want to watch a bunch of auditions, I want to watch a competition.

For the first round of cuts (silly cooking pun intended), some of the cheftestants had to cook a part of a pig. A cut of pork per cheftestants. HOWEVER, some of the cuts were adjacent to each other and required butchering. Which lead us to our first elimination, Stone....Chef Tyler Stone. A ridiculous man w/ overly plucked eyebrows whom hacked up a delicious side o' pork, leaving one poor cheftestant w/ exactly 3 ounces of tenderloin. They didn't taste his food! Then Colin the vegan, who has cooked meat in over 7 years, got rejected at judges table because his plate already looked like it was chewed up and spit out. The judges are not fucking around this year!

AND then another twist, instead of a simple in or out determination, there was a 3rd option: the bubble. If a cheftestant ends up in the bubble, then have to make yet another dish to stay in the competition.

The next round of hopefuls were shown a bevy of proteins but they all had to agree to use just one.....rabbit. No more on the spot eliminations, sadly.

And that was it: we have cheftestants, bubblers & one more group yet to cook. I found this episode completely unnecessary.

Hope this season gets better.


Jon in Albany said...

I was surprised to see Emeril there but I have to agree that the episode was unnecessary. Which probably also makes next weeks episode unnecessary.

I also thought it was a little cruel. They tell people "We'd love to have on Top Chef this season," fly them to Texas, and then say "Surprise - you might be on the show, but only for 2 very painful minutes filled with excruciatingly bitter comments directed at your cooking abilities."

phairhead said...

Yeah, what's up w/ Emeril on Top Chef? Did the Food Network fire him?