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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haters be Hatin'

Confounded by Top Model for it's lack of consistency...yet again!

Miss J, walking coach extraordinaire, decided to be a shit mixer and had the hamsters critique each other's walks & portfolios. Lisa & Angelea gave everybody the stank eye, Dominque was being a stealth bitch under the guise of "I see so much of myself in you!" and Laura & Allison trying to be the nice guys. But as it turns out in a blind survey the majority voted that Allison has the least model potential (read: BIG threat) while Laura has the most (read: no real competition)

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to pose in modern couture in the style of ancient Greek games. Angelea did not know what a shot put or "pit shot" was.....seriously? There was no track & field at yr high school in the 617? Laura & her archery gear won best photo. I'm going to agree because she has been looking busted lately but her veiled hat thing looked fantastic. And going home was Dominque. What the what? Over Angelea? Why? Dominque is gorgeous & takes photos & has a fantastic runway walk. She's a little long in the tooth but way way way cuter Angelea & her bad acne & drag queen personae.

Recap will be back in two weeks!

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