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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bubble Boy

Top Chef recap time!

Again we were forced to watch the whittling down for the final 16 cheftestants. Wake when it's over! Grr....grumble grumble!

Anyways, the remaining 10 hopefuls gathered around some proteins & a cloche (the silver dome thing that covers room service food). Picking, choosing, blah blah blah. And....underneath the cloche was a time pre-set to a time that the hopefuls had to abide by. Winners, losers, bubbles.

Then the bubblers had to square off for the final two cheftestant spots. To me the bubblers had it easy, they could make whatever they wanted. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Two peeps got through. And apparently, later on Bravo, Chef Tom had another showdown w/ the discarded hopefuls for one more spot on Top Chef. I have no idea who it 17 cheftestants then, I guess?

Next week we will have a real episode.


Jon in Albany said...

I thought the 3rd group had the worst draw. Make something delicious out of oxtail in an hour? That's pretty harsh. Why not short ribs or brisket?

I looked like they were going to have second chance shows online all season long. One of the producers must have watched Survivor for ideas.

phairhead said...

Oh geez! When you start getting yr ideas from Survivor....