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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crappy Anniversary

Sorry I'm so late w/ the Top Chef: Just Desserts recap!

OMG Monsieur Payard is the guest judge! I'd walk over hot coals for one of his chocolate cakes.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make 4 pieces of chocolate that represent different parts of their lives. And what the hell?! Morgan was crying as he presented his chocolates. Ugh! These cheftestants are wearing me out w/ their tears! Gidget only had 3 chocolates, lame. Zac was too sweet. And Morgan wins another Elimination Challenge.

Then there was lots of grumbling about how Morgan never shows emotion over anything. Well, at least he doesn't have a weird rubber face, Danielle! Seriously, she looks like Shelly Duval had a stroke.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to make an anniversary cake for cake guru Sylvia Weinstock (she was the guest judge from the Quickfire wedding cake challenge) & her adorable husband Ben for their 61st wedding anniversary. Aww! Then we get a little background on how they met and their wedding. Precious! And the big weiner was Danielle...but but but her cake was fucking grey. GREY!

Then, holy crap, Zac was bitching at Judges' Table about Morgan's demeanor. Really? Is that the place for that? What the fuck difference does his grouchiness make to his desserts? Heh heh "Suck it, Zac." sayeth Morgan.

And Zac is gonna suck it all the way home.

Finale, next week.


Jon in Albany said...

You would think that gray wedding cake would only work in a Tim Burton movie. I'm tempted to watch the finals. Mostly so I can dish about it here. Unless he screws up it, I think Morgan will win. On the other hand, I just jinxed him. He might screw it up.

phairhead said...

guess you'll just have to found out on Wed :D