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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Red Heads Need Not Apply

Top Chef recap, bitches!

Jane is completely jealous of Kayla winning top photo twice in a row. Jane, you sucky middle of the packer, shut it!

For the challenge, the hamsters met w/ the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, she and ALT graded the hamsters on their inter-personal skills. Chelsey won, I don't know why. She's so fucking generic. Chelsey chose Kayla to share in her prize, the chicks got to have a private viewing of The Last Supper and posh private accommodations at a luxury hotel.

I preferred Ann's anime rendition of The Last Supper. Love her!

For the photo challenge, the hamsters were directed by Tyr(ant) in a weird perfume type video. It was really....bizarre. They dressed like couture whores and wandered around in a mansion. I wouldn't have been surprised if a midget dressed in black popped out w/ a bottle of Obsession. And, KABLAMO, two hamsters were sent a-packin'. Ann had best "photo" of the week, leaving Chelsey, Kayla and Jane to squirm under the pressure. Chelsey is going to the finals, ousting Kayla and Jane. Kayla got robbed!!!!

Kick some ass, Ann!

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