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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hamster Over Board

Top Model recap time, y'all!

And SURPRISE, the hamsters are going to Venice, Italy! A bird shat on Liz. Jane was annoying.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters were divided into two groups of three w/ a male model in gondola. Kayla, Liz & Chris went first. Liz was sweating and bitching. Chris was a hootchie. Kayla kicked ass! Second group was Chelsey, Ann & Jane. Ann couldn't get comfortable in teeny tiny gondola. Jane was boring. Chelsey whatever.

Then the hamsters hopped of to Milan. Unless yr Liz and you think Tyr(ant) said "Mulan". What? Mulan is not a place, it's a cartoon. Yr hopeless, Liz!

Oh coolness, the hamsters went to the House of Missoni. The hamsters were swathed in couture knits. Poor Ann wore a floor length poncho.

Kayla won best photo! In yo' straight bitches faces! Chelsey looked like she swallowed a big cup of envy. And packing it up was bitchy pants Liz.

Ugh, good riddance!

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