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Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre-Menstrual Meme

1) Thunderstorm arrives, power outage! How do you occupy your time? Candle, book....possibly nookie

2) Explain why you enjoy one of your hobbies. What do you get out of it? I love spending time cooking in my kitchen. I think it's the fact I that take on a task, complete it & it comes to fruition before my eyes.

3) Have you planned your funeral? Cremation, memorial service & "Anywhere I Lay my Head" by Tom Waits


Stacy said...

Candles and books? Perfect answer to a power outage! I haven't thought too much about my own funeral, other than I hope people choose to celebrate the life rather than mourn the death.

Sophia Walker said...

1) Curse the fact that as a country our priorities are so utterly fucked that we spend billions to fight terrorists, when our power grid can be knocked out by a summer rain. Then go to sleep.

2) My favorite hobby right now is blogging. I love to write, I feel like I've been stifled for a long time and blogging has opened the floodgates of my repressed creativity.

3) I tell my friends that when I die, they should drag me out in the street and call 911. No sense their getting involved. For my funeral I want everyone to be dressed in their best goth outfits and to be totally fucked up on drugs. I want people to tell stories about what a prick I was and how they never really liked me. Then bury me in a shallow grave in a wooded area.

phairhead said...

Sophia: I'd totally down w/ participating in yr funeral. Hey, let's put the fun back in funeral!