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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gustar o No Gustar?

For months, I have been going back n' forth over which fast food Tex-Mex I like better, Chipotle or Moe's.

Both use fresh, tasty ingredients. Both will customize yr order. I do give Moe's a slight advantage because they have cilantro.

However, I was at a training today w/ catered taco bar from Moe's. I prefer hard tacos because white flour tortillas tend to get too chewy for me. I could have had a "salad" but those GIGANTIC taco shells are the devil. Anyways, I had one chicken taco w/ pico de gallo and one beef taco w/ mild salsa. The chicken had great flavour but it was dry. It might have happened en route to the training facility but I can't be certain. The real issue was the taco shell was dry and crumbly on my chicken taco and the salsa completely moistened and dissolved on my beef taco. I had to eat them w/ a fork!

I am now in love w/ Chipotle.


Anonymous said...

chipotle for me, i don't mind all the bleeding afterwards, i have no more blood to give...

phairhead said...

Plus, there's the new & improved "chipolt-away"

Jon in Albany said...

I've only had food from Chipolte twice. The kids love Moe's. They have a pretty good deal for the kids at Moe's on Sunday too. All Moe's are not created equal. Some are much better than others. I don't know why.

From what I have had, I'd say the food at Chipotle is better than Moe's, but ordering it was a pain in the ass - at least at the one in Latham. The big menu sign is useless. If you are going to have foods with different levels of spice, say it.

Me: The kids will each have a steak taco.

Guy: The steak will probably be too spicy for them.

Me: Ok, the kids will each have a pork taco.

Guy: The pork is a little spicier than the steak.

Me: What should the kids have?

Guy: Chicken.

Me: Ok, the kids will each have a chicken taco.

phairhead said...

Jon: yikes! That's super lame :-(

My nieces love Moe's as well. Must be a generational thing

Happy walker said...

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Retro Girl said...

I love em both...but Moe's is far from us :(

I also miss Q-doba that we had when I lived in Lexington Ky.

My 2 yr old just wants to drink He'll eat a couple chips, maybe some beans/corn...but would drink a gallon of salsa if you'd let him.

Tell me more about your Whip Me/Beat Me profile pic! lol Is it a collage...or quilted piece? It's SO FAB!

phairhead said...

Retro: it's an awesome magnet I found at Newbury Comics :D