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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Top Model recap, bitches!

The hamsters are in Milan & it's time for "go sees". They had 4 destinations to get to and had to return back to IMG Modeling Agency by 5:30. None of these dumbasses were able to navigate the city to get everywhere they needed to be...none of them. A first in Top Model history. Chelsey won the challenge by default because Ann, who actually booked the job w/ Versace, was late getting back to IMG. And Chris twisted her ankle while she was walking to get gelatto (instead of doing the challenge).

For the photo shoot, the hamsters were glopped up w/ clay like paint and made to look like statues. And yet again, they had to pose w/ a male model. Kayla, the lesbian, is finally easing up around the dudes. And she won best photo of the week as well. Ann needs to emote more. And packing it up was Chris and her lack of motivation.

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