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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Roller Disco Barbie

Top Model recap, y'all!

For the Challenge, the hamsters had to walk in a Zac Posen show. Poor Zac Posen's receding hair line! There was a mix of professional models in the show & were instructed to "act" mean to the poor little hamsters. Ummmm.....yeah.....pretty sure that wasn't acting. But in the end Chelsey was the best w/ her composure and model strut thang. Meh, Chelsey is kinda cold and boring to me.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to act in a commercial. AAAAHHHH!!!! Fuck me! Models don't act, usually. Why oh why am I being tortured? Not only did they have to recite lines but they were on roller blades and had give a male model a BIG smoocheroo.

Poor Kayla had a freak out because it turns out she was sexually abused for an extended period time when she was kid. Yeah, there's nothing good about that at all. But she made it through the shoot OK.

And Ann kept, literally, falling on her butt. Heh heh! Now that's comedy.

Best performance went to Chris. She's kind of fun I guess but no where near my favourite. And packing it up was Esther and her gigantic boobs.

Whew! No more stupid acting episodes.

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