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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm sick. I hate being sick. I'm a big, whiny baby when I'm under the weather.

The floors in my house are covered in dirty tissues. Food has a dull flavour. My head is killing me.

When I was kid, I liked being sick. My mother would make me toaster strudel, I'd watch TV all day uninterrupted by my brothers, consume mass quantities of red Kool Aid & have a cache of comics and magazines at my disposal.

Being sick as a adult sucks donkey balls! Last night, SB made me a hot chocolate w/ vodka whipped cream. And I think it cured me.


llcwine said...

I totally agree, I've been battling a cold now for 5 it progressed from my sore throat to sneezing fits, to now the dreaded chest cough and sinus headache. I have tried homemade chicken soup and hot lemonade with honey and whiskey. I hope you are feeling better soon.

phairhead said...

try the whipped cream vodka!

here's to a speedy recovery :-)

Sophia Walker said...

Donkey balls are always best left unsucked.

Feel better young lady!

phairhead said...

Thanks, Sophia :-)

I'm feeling well enough to go to work tomorry...oy!

Jon in Albany said...

I prefer a steady diet of Scotch, purely as a preventive medicine of course. Much better than that apple-a-day thing.

My father-in-law's remedy is a little rough going down, but does seem to help. Two ounces of Christian Brothers brandy and two tablespoons of honey go into a coffee mug. Top it with water. Stir and nuke it until it just boils. Sip while hot (basically drink it as fast as you can with out burning yourself). Go to bed.

Hope you are feeling better.

phairhead said...

Jon: boiling hot brandy?! holy jesus! I think that would sterilize rusty nails too :D