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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Acapulco Day 7 (Last Day!)

We went to breakfast w/ SexyBeast's parents to 100% Natural. A Mexican version of a green cafe. You get a completely different perspective on recycling, clean air and ecology by being a 2nd world country. It's just not ingrained in the culture to put a plastic bottle in the garbage even. Anyways, 100% is one the few vegetarian eateries around. I had a spicy veggie omelet the size of my head w/ runny pinto beans and a strawberry vanilla pecan yoghurt smoothie. I left uncomfortably full but mentally healthier : )

SexyBeast is obsessed w/ Westerns, he even has the soundtrack to Django! A week before our trip, he said he wanted a sarape/poncho like Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We ended up at one of those touristy open markets. I tried to adopt the "don't fuck w/me" look but I don't know if it was a success. We got the sarape (made from alpaca wool!), a knock off Hard Rock T-shirt and fire opal bracelet. Plus I got to pet the tiniest orange kitty. He was so small, his ears looked like a bat.

Then back to the beach, I wanted to remember every moment. I nearly cried when I got my last beach massage. I highly recommend getting a massage on the beach from the locals. She went everywhere! Well, not like that pervs!

Last meal, I got all dressed up in my Little Black Dress that I've never worn since I bought it. Mostly because of my yo-yo dieting. SexyBeast snapped some pictures much to my protest. Then I screamed about how fat and unappealing I looked. Then he screamed at me that my self-deprecation was getting old. I think I'll get more into this issue in a future post.

We went to Cabrito's (little goat) and SexyBeast had the best mole chicken in the universe. The sauce is secret blend of herbs and spices. I was gobsmacked! I chowed down on filet mignon. It was bloody and good and bloody good.

We sat out on the balcony, silent and pensive.

The trip home was uneventful. Hope you enjoyed my vacation as much as I did.


Leslie said...

Where are the pics of you in your LBD? I wanna see!

phairhead said...

i posted them under Acapulco photos. If I didn't I'll put it up in another post.