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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm just gonna be honest w/ everyone. I missed a good chunk of Top Model 'cause SexyBeast and I were doing it. And I really don't regret that decision.

OK, the hamsters got their walking lesson from Miss J. This year he was dressed as a school marm. I like Miss J mostly, some of his made up supermodel language is super annoying though. And my alien Allison was the least graceful and was told to practice, practice, practice. And Natalie became a super asshat this epi. Apparantly, she has modeling experience and did nothing but deride the other hamsters and constantly remind me the viewer how fucking fabulous she is.

Then I watched the judging. This week for the photo shoot the hamsters were avant garde stereotypes of New Yorkers, i.e. stockbrokers on Wall street, tourists in Times Square, artistes in Soho, nannies Uptown and bored little rich girls. Why? God I hate putting people into groups and labels. It's infuriating! Not everyone fits into the same little box. And another thing, this is the 2nd week in the row where we've had group photo shoots. Enough! Top photo went to nanny wannabe Sandra, whom I dislike intensely. She's a one note, "fierce" look and she's a big meanie. And packing their bags and going home is Nijah for being pretty but not model pretty.


Albany Jane said...

Hey, not too bad of a reason to miss TV.

And I'm getting cable on Monday. Woo hoo! I can't wait to see these shows!

phairhead said...

it's so bad it's good. and i hate to love it. plus, when you get cable there are lots of stations that Top Model marathons. lucky you!!! : )

metalchick666 said...

phairhead - are you coming out to brooklyn tomorrow for the bacon takedown?