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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Finally we have reached the end of the Top Chef season! I think I'm burned out and I'm glad I don't have to recap it any more. Stick a fork in me people!

As per usual, for the final Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants get a sous chef. Usually it's somebody who's already gotten the boot. However, they mixed it up this year and the chefs chose from runners-up from seasons past. Marcel the Douchebag is with Stefan, Casey the Adequate is with Carla and Richard Fancy Gadgets is with Hosea. Can you tell what I thought of the second placers? Basically the chefs must make a 3 course meal, anything goes free style no holds barred balls to the wall insert yr cliche here.

During the frantic prep, the cheftestants get a wacky curve ball. They have to make an appetiser (SURPRISE!) using an ingredient synonymous w/ New Orleans cuisine: red fish, crab and alligator. In order to pick who gets what, the cheftestants have to eat a King's cake (a VERY sweet bread w/ bright purple and green frosting) and find the baby Jesus figurine. But they can't say it's Jesus on Bravo, so it's merely a baby. And the winner is Hosea! And he's sooooo cute hamming it up w/ baby Jesus. He picks the red fish and gives Carla the crab and Stefan has alligator. Stefan fumes and he's cranking in the kitchen that Hosea wasn't sharing this blah blah blah.

The cheftestants are all serving at the same time to a group of illustrious food notables and Rocco Dispirito is there too. Apps first and it's neck and neck and neck. Then 1st course, Carla edges slowly ahead w/ her seared salmon w/ saffron aioli on crouton. Not a fish fan but the it looks very nice. 2nd course all are even as Carla's sous-vide steak and potatoes is bland and smushy. 3rd course Hosea pulls ahead w/ his venison loin and wild mushrooms and Stefan's 80's dessert and Carla's missing souffle are panned by the panel. And Hosea is crowned the winner! I liked his stuff. He was assy for smooching another woman on nationwide television but he's a damn good chef.

Not an ounce of Tony Bourdain this season. No wonder it felt a little bland.

Next week heralds the triumphant return of the trashylicious America's Next Top Model.

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