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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If Only.....

Hmmm, it seems to have happened without me realizing it but Tuesdays have become my unofficial rant day. I kinda feel like the wet blanket since so many of my blogger friends have been writing about positive change and not being dragged into the abyss of negativity. However, I will write this as a disclaimer for the following post, it's just a teeny rant.

As I have mentioned several times, SexyBeast and I just celebrated our one year dating anniversary. I love talking about him 'cause he is simply the best man I've ever known. But I digress. We snuggled on the couch to watch Blindness, a movie I didn't get a chance to see in the movie theatre last year. The premise sounded intriguing, an entire city succumbing to a blindness plague and it starred Julianne Moore. I love her!!! She's a stunning older woman and she make freckles sexy. Thanks, Julianne!

WRONG-OLA!!!! This movie was terrible. The characters were flat and one dimensional. The pacing was waaaaaayyyyy off, I swear I aged another 5 years watching this fucker. Plus they had Julianne paired up with Mark Ruffalo, whom I normally don't mind watching. They had zero chemistry and all of their scenes together seemed unnatural. None of the characters in the movie had any 1st names and upon viewing the credits Julianne's character was "Doctor's wife." Why? So pretentious. All the imagery seemed really heavy handed. The whole thing just fell flat. Afterwards, I remarked to SexyBeast that I wanted to read the novel the movie was based on, "Why do you like torturing yrself?"

So as not to be a complete Negative Nelly, here are the good points: the sets were pretty damn amazing, like a cross between an Ikea catalogue and a state asylum of the 1950's. Also, the nudity was interesting, I viewed naked bodies of various ages and shapes. It was quite refreshing. Plus, Julianne Moore has tiny saggy boobs and she's not afraid to show 'em off. Good for you!

Please, do not see this movie.


Leslie said...

Okay, I won't see it. :)

Lydia said...

Yeah, that didn't look like a great movie. Glad I missed it. There's nothing worse than a bad movie. It really does age the viewer!

phairhead said...

I also find it very insulting to have to sit through a terrible movie.