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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Plot to Kill

Spring has sprung in the Capital District and SexyBeast and I decided to take full advantage of the warmer weather. March 14th was our one year dating anniversary (also known as pi day to the ubergeeks out there!) and we planned to kick back and take it easy.

We got up Sunday to find the sky blue and the sun refreshingly warm. I had on my Merrill hiking boots, sturdy and comfortable. SexyBeast harumphed at them. I thought "Pshaw! What does he know?" We drove over to Plotterkill in Rotterdam, NY. FYI "kill" is Dutch for creek. Nothing sinister in the name at all. When I was in high school, the head bangers would hang out there and drink and fuck and fight. And put up nasty ignorant devil worship graffiti.

Did I mention that Plotterkill is in a higher elevation? We were surrounded my snow. I was now wishing my boots were water proof. We tarried on, carry not to slip on the ice. "I hear the creek! Let's check it out!" We made our way and  I noted this hike is not for beginners. And yes there was the creek but no bridge. We walked farther up to see if the creek head narrowed. No such luck. SexyBeast tried to fashion a home made pathway out of fallen branches. It looked too unsafe to try. Then we discovered a fallen tree. SexyBeast went 1st, shimmying on his butt. I took the cue from him and I FREAKED out. I made it but I was hyperventilating the entire time, worried about falling and breaking my neck. But we made it...... only to find more water. SexyBeast pole vaulted across. And my feet took a dip in the drink. One foot then the other. I thought I was standing on  a tree root. But we had our Shamwow w/ us so........

We finished our hike on higher ground until we were exhausted. I looked like a hot mess. It was the best part of my weekend.


Lydia said...

You need to get some waterproof keens. i swear by them out here in the pac nw!

phairhead said...

you sound like my man

Dijea said...

I have a pair of Vasque's that are waterproof - and so comfortable.