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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When they do the Double Dutch, that's Slam Dancing...

Well, it's that time for everyone's favourite show they love to hate and hate to love, America's Next Top Model. Whoot!

In the 2 hour premiere, we had 34 wanna be's whittled down to 21 semi-finalists and finally the lucky 13 hamsters going to New York to be ridiculed, tortured and belittled for millions of people's viewing pleasure.

For the 1st photo shoot, Tyrant Banks chose a cause that's very near and dear to her gigantic weave, young girls acting like young girls. 'cause girls these days want to go from 10 to 25. Thanks, Captain States the Obvious! That withstanding, I thought the wardrobe and makeup looked outstanding.

And the winning photo of the week goes to Allison for her awesome double dutch shot. And first sad girl leaving is Isabella for not being tall enough and not having an edge in her dodgeball shot. And personally I think her hairstyle is too old for her. I nearly choked when I saw her age listed as 19. 19! I thought for sure 25.

Early faves are Allison, 'cause she's bug eyed and creepy, and Kortnie the not quite plus size that used to date Dale Earnhardt Jr. with a super cute button nose. Jealous!

Good luck, bitches!


Lydia said...

Allison looks like an anime character who's sprung to life. so creepy. tyra is getting tedious, as is ANTM. I miss all the bitches from season 1. it seems like they now have certain stereo types they need to fill each and every cycle. i'm still watching, much to my dismay!

phairhead said...

You hit the nail on the head! I actually felt embarrassed in front of Chris 'cause we watching it. I'm so ashamed