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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ass Backwards

It's Wednesday Top Chef recap day, bitches!

Oh, man! I do not know the point of this episode.

So, for the Quickfire Challenge the cheftestants had to make a 2 dishes one for a baby and one for an adult. I'm really sure when this skill will come in handy but sure, baby food. And sucking it big time were Tim and his overcooked lamb, Alex and his over seasoned baby food, Kevin and his pool of blood under duck & Kelly and her blandness. And the winners, that's right plural noun, were Kenny (yeah!) w/ his apple something something (I forget!) and Tamesha and her kick ass licorice oil. Sadly no one got immunity but Kenny & Tamesha did get 10,000 smackers.

For the Elimination Challenge, UGH, the cheftestants had to make simple yet elegant food for the Hilton Hotel room service menu. Here's the idiotic part, the winners were the best of the worst. Everyone paired up to make a breakfast dish and 2 teams would be safe. Then the losers had to make a lunch and the losing three teams had to make a dinner. Uh the hell? Picking the best dish out of a bunch of shit? So senseless.

And part of the gigantic panel of tasters and judges were Asshole Mike I. (season 6), meh Bryan (season 6) and Even Bigger Asshole Spike (season 4). I never need to have Mike I or Spike ever grace my television screen again, thank you very much.

Anyways, the "winners" were Kelly (ick!) & Andrea (no opinion) for their delicious looking short ribs. Kelly won a trip to Italy and Andrea won a trip to Spain. And packing it up for shitty undercooked squid ink pasta were Lynn and Arnold. Really? Arnold? He had a really good winning streak. If I had my way, I would eliminated Lynn and Kevin from the other suck-o team.

Stay tuned..


J. said...

This episode was infuriating! So silly they set up the elimination.

phairhead said...

Jammer: exactly!

Just A. Girl said...

I thought it was crazy that the girl who made vegetable stew won the quickfire because it sounds boring. It must've been good I guess. I didn't really watch this episode closely. It was too annoying.

phairhead said...

JAG: seriously, it set my teeth on edge!