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Friday, July 30, 2010

Compare & Contrast

OK, peeps, this week's Metroland had staff picks of the best of the Capital District. For those of you who don't like the Albany/Schenectady/Troy area of NY, the Metroland is the free weekly alternative newspaper.

Here's their picks & my commentary (not all of them, the post would be 5 years long if I did that):

Best American Restaurant: New World Bistro Bar
My mother has been there and RAVED about it. It's on my "to eat" list

Best Steakhouse: The Bears'
My in-laws had their wedding reception there & I am planning on going there in the very near future. Gotta get me some of the chateaubriand!

Best Vegetarian: Antipasto's
I gotta say, I'm very intrigued as Antipasto's also snagged some other best of honours

Best Pizza (Sch'dy County): Fireside
Hell yeah!!! Great pizza, sandwiches and wings. I've been going there since I was 5. Highly highly recommended

Best Pizza (Renss. County): Red Front
Planning on a lunch date there in a few weeks

Best Fusion: The Hidden Cafe
Still can't figure out why I can't seem to get over there

Best Polish: Muza
SB says we don't need to pay for Polish food because we can get it for free from Nana. I say different!

Best Mexican: Salsa Latina
Bright, fresh flavours, love love love. It has now edged out Pancho's as my #2 Mexican joint. It's hard to top El Loco.

Best Indian: Karavalli
This is my families preference. I would rather go to Taj Mahal in downtown Schenectady. If I've got coupons, then we go to Sitar.

Best Thai: Capital Thai
Nope, Bangkok Bistro is sooooooo much better!

Best Vietnamese: Van's
You better fucking believe it! Hmmmm summer rolls :D

Best Chinatown Chinese: Emperor's
Holy Jesus, yes! Porky ball goodness

Best Suburban Chinese: Plum Blossom
I've always liked the name, maybe it's time to try it out.

Best Japanese Steakhouse: Koto
Everybody likes a good show w/ their food. Just don't order any cocktails unless you want to be embarrassed by gigantic fruit and day glo colours.

Best Brew Pub: Brown's
Yummy raspberry ale and totally cozy.

Best Barbecue: Capital Q Smokehouse
I'm reserving comment until I've tried The Pig Pit. But my southern grandfather in law makes some pretty kick ass Tennessee 'cue

Best Lunch: Iron Gate Cafe
I pass it every time I have to take someone to Social Services. It reminds me of the book The Secret Garden.

Best Deli: Gershon's
Their knishes are delicious

Best Subs: Andy's Imports
They use a whole loaf of bread & pounds of meat. And they do roast beast the right way, w/ Russian dressing, not icky mayo.

Best Burgers: Oliver's Cafe
SB's family fave but they're only open until 2 pm & I'm a busy gal on the go. Considering putting it on the list.

Best Tacos: Bros. Tacos
Nope, Badass Burrito all the way

Best Cheap Eats: Bombers
Eat there when you are not in a cranky mood.

Best Coffeehouse: Uncommon Grounds
God damn right! Chai, hot chocolate, iced tea, YEAH YEAH YEAH. Bagels, soup, salad, OMG YEAH.

Best Ribs: Jose Malone's
Good nachos, not had an opportunity to try the ribs

Best Restaurant Transition: Debbie's Kitchen
What? Debbie's not there anymore? When? Who wants a brownie the size of Toronto? Me, please.

Best Hard (hee hee!) Ice Cream old school style (whatever that means): Stewart's Shops
Bring back Tinny Roof! I loves me some Stewart's ice cream and it's always on sale.

Best Soft Ice Cream: The Snowman
Not usually a soft fan but this is tops.

Best Gelato Villa Italia
That honour belongs to Crisan. I spit on Villa Italia!

Best Desserts: Crisan
Yes and also my mother's bakery The Pastry Pantry

Best Beer Store: Oliver's
On par w/ Glenville Beverage

Best Food Co-op: Honest Weight
Too pricy, I prefer Niskayuna Co-op. Best burgers ever!

Best Farmers Market: Troy
Agreed, Schenectady is getting there.

Best Neighborhood Market: Cardona's
Great selection of import items

Best Butcher: Rolf's
You can't beat their knockwurst. Sol's in Schenectady is really fucking awesome too!

Best Bakery for Bread: Perreca's

Best Bakery for Confections: Villa Italia
Ick! Yuck! Pastry Pantry all the way

Best Kitchen Supply Store: Different Drummer
Too bad I'm not rich. If only...

Best Booktique: Open Door
If I could move in there, I would.

Best Used Bookstore: The Book Barn
I had no idea this place existed! Hurray!!!

Best Record Store: Last Vestige
Oh much money I have given that place

Best Commercial Radio Station: WEQX
Is there any other station worth listening to?

Best Refuge from the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse:
Oh geez! Not you too!

Best Albany Bar: Wolff's Biergarten
The boot, the boot, the boot. Yup yup!

Best Troy Bar: Ryan's Wake
Great atmosphere.

Best Schenectady Bar: 20 North Broadway
Ever since my bartender left The Grog Shoppe, I need a new place to drink.

Best Neighborhood Movie Theatre: Madison Theatre
Sorry, Bowtie is oh so much better!

I promise photos of the garden and lawn furniture is on the way.


Albany Jane said...

Oh that's it. Salsa Latina is on my list.

Debbie's is still there. They just changed ownership. Debbie sold it to a new owner. But he's pretty much kept it the same, a good thing!

phairhead said...

AJ: dude! I told Chris I would buy him dinner cause I went there w/out him. he craves the mole like a wild man!

Long live the Debbie's Toronto sized brownie!

Just A. Girl said...

Yum... this makes me HUNGRY. Too bad I don't live nearby. I haven't tried Polish food before.

phairhead said...

JAG: lots of nummy nummy sausages & meaty yumminess!

Green Peccadilloes said...

I too have no idea why I haven't been to Hidden Cafe yet - this was a good reminder!